o emperor vitreous

‘Holy Fool’ sounds like the natural progression from O Emperor‘s double A-side single ‘Electric Tongues‘ from September. It’s a little bit more leaning towards Tame Impala – maybe I’ve just been looking at the video too many times today – a little fuzzier and more direct. It’s the first single to be taken from the Waterford band’s second album Vitreous, due out on June 14 on Big Skin Records. Press release: “Vitreous was self-recorded and produced in the band’s very own studio (Big Skin HQ) in Cork. Big Skin was (literally) built from the ground up and everything from label administration to recording happens inside its grubby, fire-stained walls. The resulting recordings are a direct representation of this operation, being the band’s most potent and distinct work to date; a stamp moulded from their many meandering sessions there.” The tracklisting for the album is after the jump. Here’s the video for the second track, ‘Holy Fool’.

Vitreous tracklisting:
1. Grandmother Mountain
2. Holy Fool
3. Whitener (Part 1)
4. Brainchild
5. Contact
6. Minuet
7. Land of the Living
8. Soft In The Head
9. This is it