little bear myles

Wow, this is a big song. There have been murmurs about Derry band Little Bear for a few months now. There are only a couple songs up on their Breaking Tunes and Soundcloud pages at the moment, including first single ‘I’d Let You Win’ and ‘The Few & Far Between’. It’s the latter that Myles ‘Arbutus Yarns‘ O’Reilly has taken a shine to and stuck his cameras at. Little Bear were in Whelan’s on Wednesday, playing a joint headline show upstairs with Moscow Metro. I don’t know if the show sold out or not (it certainly doesn’t look like it), but I think those who were there will be boasting about seeing Little Bear before the band grows up. They’re Ireland’s answer to Local Natives – who sold out Whelan’s on February 11 (what a show). The chorus of ‘The Few & Far Between’ is huge, the verses plaintive and the song goes through as many cycles as ‘Sun Hands‘.