imploded view slo mo

Longford artist Jerome McCormick aka Imploded View hasn’t slowed down since he released his debut album Picnics With Pylons in September 2012. (You can listen to it here.) He showed us how to create a track in the video for ‘Everything Happens’ earlier this year and also showed us a ‘Toy’ from his collection, both of which are after the jump. The latest new music McCormick has unveiled is ‘Slo Mo Disco’, a track that exceeds more than five minutes. It’s the part at about the 1.49-minute mark that grabbed me. Every time it comes on I can’t stop myself from shouting ‘YES!’ at my laptop. It’s a pretty self-explanatory title, and makes me really excited for what Imploded View does next. He doesn’t seem to be letting up despite his album only being less than nine months old. Who knows, we might even get a new one this year.