Liza daithi

Oh man this is just so good. Daithi is already one of the stars of the Irish music scene – if you’ve seen him live you’ll know what I mean. I like that he’s taking his time on new material too, not rushing anything. But I’m so happy that he decided to remix ‘Poison’ by Dublin-based Australian singer Liza Flume. She released her debut EP Full Stream Ahead in January. It’s a sparse collection, with the tracks building up around layers of her vocals. Her version of ‘Poison’ is plaintive, with little to get distracted by. Daithi, however, has turned it into a massive dance tune. It’s the complete opposite of its original. I’m a little late to the party though. The remix has been up online for about a week and already garnered over a thousand hits. I think I myself might be responsible for getting it to 2,000. Been listening to it non-stop. You can download Daithi’s remix for free below, and Liza Flume’s EP is underneath that. I’m looking forward to seeing what both do next.