lasertom goodtime

Clocking in at over eight minutes, Lasertom’s remix of ‘Behind This Sun’ is never anything less than AMAZING! It’s funky as hell, with a throbbing bassline. The vocals are kept to a minimum, as Lasertom aka Simon Cullen gives ‘Behind This Sun’ a new vein of life, one that should be right at home on the dancefloor. The original is the opening track on Goodtime’s album The Colours of Darkness, which is now 18 months old and can be bought on Bandcamp for just €5.99. It’s the latest in a series of remixes that have done done since the album was released, with Jape, Sunken Foal and Somadrone also offering their takes at Goodtime’s Bandcamp page. No Fear Of Pop premiered the song this morning and says that Lasertom has an album coming out on the London label Bearfunk later this year.