Chris Power

I featured Chris Power on TPOE back in October and he’s just gone and put up a few new tracks this week. Last Friday, the 19-year-old opened a triple bill in the Pavilion in Cork headlined by Toby Kaar (class pic of him here) – who was as good as always, even with a host of new, unfamiliar, slower tempo tracks – with Flying Buttresses sandwiched in between. It’s hard to guage the quality of Power’s set because there was nobody there until about midnight. It was enjoyable but a little hard to get too excited when there only a handful watching. The tracks were good and the stage presence will get better the more he plays. For now we have the percussion-heavy ‘Real Life Situations’ and the stop-start ‘Longer Days, Darker Nights’, which takes almost two minutes to get going but oh when it does. It sounds like it could be more than enough to fill the Pavilion’s cavernous environs. Listen to both of the tracks below. Plenty more on his Soundcloud page.