Gavin ‘Adultrock‘ Elsted had his new track ‘Chants’ premiered by the website Death & Taxes and told them: “I wanted to make the same type of music as I had been making before but with the dancefloor in mind. Teengirl Fantasy and Blondes were the type of things I was listening to at the time.” ‘Chants’, as the name might suggest, is hypnotic and repetitive, but when those dancefloor bits kick in, you’ll know about it. I always meant to listen to that Blondes album when it was released – here it is on Spotify – but you can hear some of the influence it had on Elsted from the very first track. Adultrock is playing Camden Crawl Dublin in May, has been announced for Body & Soul in June and has plenty more where ‘Chants’ came from over at his Soundcloud page.