david nelligan thing

This song grabbed me this morning, pulled me in close and made me feel good, apart from one, disconcerting line we hear more than once: “You should leave me in my comfort zone if you want my advice.” David Nelligan is happy in his comfort zone, he tells us from the outset in this short, simple song, the opening track from his new album Dark Matters, due out on Wednesday, April 24, on BandCamp (where you can hear his debut album, recorded solo). He says that the album was recorded over the end of last year and the first few months of 2013, “against a backdrop of unprecedented unrest and uncertainty. Personal, professional, local, national and global catastrophes plagued its recording, seeping into its atmosphere.” Which all serves to make that line I mentioned above sound a little worrying and disconcerting, as if Nelligan doesn’t want to snap out of it. The album is 14 tracks long and the David Nelligan Thing will be releasing a video every week until its release.