mighty stef

The Mighty Stef is a band that just keeps on trucking, one that is just always reliable in both output and live show. And they’re about to step things up this year. The band is just back from Los Angeles, where they were recording an album at 11AD in Hollywood with Alain Johannes. He’s done albums with Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys so perhaps this is the Mighty Stef going for broke. They’ve certainly set a high bar with the sleazy, seductive ‘Song For A Blind Girl’, a worrying tale of taking advantage of well, a blind girl. “My little blind girl you better be looking our for me,” Stef says from the outset, adding that he’s spent ages looking for what he’s found, which offers him “a chance to drench this desert heart with an angel kiss”. Halfway through the debauched tale we get the wonderfully plain line: “I drank an alcohol.” And after that, well, things don’t get any better. Stay away from me girls, seems to be the message. Listen to the track below. You’ll get a chance to hear it live in Whelan’s this Friday, April 5. Tickets are €11 and support comes from Wounds and Sisters. I think this is the Mighty Stef’s first Irish gig of the year, so it should be pretty special. More here. We can expect to hear the Alain Johannes-recorded album later in the year.