fiction peaks lesser of evils cover

It took me a while to fall for Real Estate, the New Jersey band, but I fell for them hard during Forbidden Fruit last year. They were playing in a tent at about 6pm on Sunday, the final day of the festival. It was probably my favourite moment of the entire summer. Everything just seemed so perfect in life, seeing the sun set out of the corner of my eye, friends by your side, and ‘Out Of Tune‘ floating down from the stage. Ah, bliss. All of these feeling came rushing up while I was listening to Dublin band Fiction Peaks‘ debut EP Lesser of Evils. A five piece, the band make a similarly uplifting sound, with the acoustics of ‘Wildlife’ in particular making a smile seem like the easiest thing in the world. “Took a leap into your world of illusion” is the opening line on the five-track EP. It’s a world I don’t think I want to leave until the sun sets on summer. The music juxtaposes the cover of the EP, which couldn’t be more grey if it tried. I love the way the strain in the singer’s voice during second track ‘Chrysanthemum’, while a dreamy fingerpicked guitar repeats itself over and over. Third track ‘Ruthless Paradise’ bursts forth with as much enthusiasm as Real Estate’s album opener ‘Easy’. You could also compare Fiction Peaks’ sound to a group closer to home, Galway’s the Depravations, for whom I have similar feelings. You can download the Lesser of Evils EP on Fiction Peaks’ Bandcamp page for free. A no-brainer, really.