Fact: any day when you get to hear a Fred song is a good day. And any day when you get to hear a new Fred song is a wonderful day. ‘Battles’ is not quite a new song, but it is an unheard one. It was recorded while the Cork band were over in Montreal making their last album, Leaving My Empire. It’s typically Fred, dual vocals throughout the verses, augmented with a chorus I want to hug. “So give me something to live for, and something to fight,” Joe sings as a trumpet enters. Oh what a glorious day! Bassist Jamin said: “We laid all the groundwork for this track in Hotel2Tango Studios in Montreal but just never got to finish it off, so obviously it wasn’t a contender for the album. This happened with a couple of tracks, but ‘Battles’ was the one that we all really liked and regretted not completing, so now that we are beginning to think about recording new material, it didn’t make sense to leave this track unfinished before moving on to newer songs.” You can download ‘Battles’ for free at Fred’s website, where you’ll also get a live version of the still amazing ‘Running’, recorded at Cork Opera House a while back. You can watch that performance after the jump.