ghost estates rsd

Ghost Estates are in full-on Bloc Party mode for their Record Store Day split 7″ with Twinkranes. Their first new music since their self-titled debut last year, ‘In Waves’ finds the band in ebullient mood, with everything combining to make an almost cacophanous sound. “It comes, then it waits, and you don’t anticipate. When’s it going to stop falling,” they sing. The track is good, though it does suffer from sounding way too much like 2005-era Bloc Party. The other side of the split 7″ comes courtesy of Dublin droners Twinkranes. ‘the Wizard’ is pretty much the exact opposite of what Ghost Estates recorded. Opposites attract, I guess. You can listen to both tracks below. Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 20. I’ll see you in Plugd!