enemies executive cut

They’re just back from what sounded like a pretty extensive EU tour with Croupier, and Enemies have decided to give us another taster of their second album Embark, Embrace, due out next month. ‘Executive Cut’ is our first new Enemies track since ‘Indian Summer’, which arrived, obviously, last August. This new track features Cast of Cheers singer Conor Adams, which I find a bit of a strange move for Enemies. OK, they’re friends, but stylistically the two bands are very similar, and I can’t shake the feeling this sounds more like a Family cast-off than one that should get me salivating for Embark, Embrace. It also sounds very, very similar to ‘Indian Summer’, from the intro, through the vocals to the big crescendo. It’s hard to feel shortchanged by ‘Executive Cut’ because it’s available as a free download, but having seen them live and knowing what they’re capable of, it’s a little disappointing that Enemies aren’t ploughing new ground, instead retreading familiar terrain which their mates have already conquered.