Septemeber girls talking

September Girls have gone all Powerpuff Girls on us in their video for new single ‘Talking’. Their closest musical reference in my eyes is still early Horrors, though they sing on ‘Talking’, through the noise: “You don’t even know me”. All the while they surround themselves in a suffocatingly sludgey sound. Everything’s over in two-and-a-half minutes, but even when September Girls chase off the monsters, one of which is straight from Scooby Doo, you’ll want to revisit to see how exactly they did it. The video was made by Leigh Arthur. ‘Talking’ is being released on 7″ by the Cork-based Art for Blind on April 22. You can preorder it here. The single is backed with ‘Some For Me’, a more upbeat, sunmer-tinged song, which you can listen to below the video after the jump. I think this is the Dublin band’s third 7″, and they’re building up quite a collection.