Peter Delaney Witch Bottle Cover

The last album Out On A Limb released was Rest’s sweaty, ballsy I Hold The Wolf. Maybe that album hurt the label’s ears because they’ve gone for the complete opposite sound for their next release, Witch Bottle, from Peter Delaney. ‘My Eyes Are Blessed’ is our first taster of the new album, and it’s a delicate song, one that might leave you holding your breath while it’s playing because you’re afraid you might blow it over. It’s absolutely beautiful, though, a track I think I’ll be getting lost in for quite a while. From the press release: “Peter Delaney is a Limerick born songwriter who draws inspiration from traditional songs and old folk music as well as the lilting melancholy of vintage Hawaiian recordings. In 2007 Peter self-released his debut mini album ‘Duck Egg Blue’, which was re-released through Deadslackstring Records in 2011. He brought out a limited live CD through Apolloaan Recordings in 2010.” Peter Delaney releases his Witch Bottle on OOAL on May 10 on CD and digital.