dudley corp cover

The Dudley Corporation have been around since 2000, and next month release their fourth album, Everyone Does Everything Wrong. Over the course of the three-and-a-half-minute ‘Grey Lights’, the three piece give us some pretty good reasons why they’re still around. I instantly thought of Pavement on the first listen to the track, our first taster of the fourth LP. They’re less ramshackle than them, though, and less shoegazy. A relatively slow-paced track, things pick up once the interlude kicks in at the 1.40-minute mark, and then it’s the break at the 2.12-mark and the outro and that’s me done. I listened to the track last week and it instantly sent me through their back catalogue, which you might have forgotten about since their last album was five years ago. (‘Leave A Last Kiss‘ is just an unbelievable tune.) You can preorder Everyone Does Everything Wrong, which the band say “is noisy and brash and should be listened to at an uncomfortable volume”, for the special price of €10 here. It’s released on May 11.