This feels like a really big step up for Young Wonder. ‘Time’ is the second track on the Cork duo’s second EP Show Your Teeth, due out on May 6. Premiered on Fake DIY, Rachel told the website: “It focuses on one woman in particular who was literally grasping for time in the intensive care unit.” It’s an emotional song, with nightmarish dreams where “I can hear the familiar voices rumble, I can feel my life in those hands crumble.” ‘Time’, clocking in at four and a half minutes, features a ticking clock at the beginning and end, and Daragh from Sacred Animals in between. It’s a really beautiful song, at the other end of the spectrum from the more dance oriented ‘To You‘. Young Wonder play the Pavilion in Cork on April 20 (Record Store Day). I heard they were amazing in Dublin last week, so this’ll be one not to be missed. Show Your Teeth is out on May 6. Tracklisting after the jump.

Show Your Teeth tracklisting:
1. ‘Intro’
2. ‘Time’
3. ‘To You’
4. ‘Electrified’
5. ‘Seventeen’
6. ‘Bullet’