I went to the Pavilion to watch We Arrive Alive last night. I had just finished work and was rushing to get in to catch some of the Dublin six-piece’s set. You could hear them a mile away – they make quite the racket. The band features members of Girl Band and Spies (drool), have released a couple of singles over the past two years and are now shifting up a gear, readying for the release of their debut album. The band is releasing a series of EPs, acts if you will, to stir up the hype. Each act contains three songs and are “connected to an illustrated book with more then 30 full colour pages, amazing art, credits, and digital download codes”. The books look amazing, like something you’ll cherish. It’s cool to see a band put so much effort into a release – it must be quite a workload. This is the first of the acts, featuring the three songs that We Arrive Alive ended with at the Pavilion. ‘Years’ and ‘You, Me And The Wall’ are pretty similar, setting a guitar-heavy agenda, while middle track ‘Slow Fall’, well, slows everything down, bringing in a post-rock template. The EP, released on Inastorm Records, can be downloaded for €4 at Bandcamp, though you should really try and get your hands on the book.