Vice spin-off Thump (no, not Thumped) premiered a new track from Gavin ‘Adultrock’ Elsted on Friday evening. He’s certainly good at making connections, considering Annie Mac put up one of his tunes, ‘In The Shade‘, for free download a couple weeks ago. He told Thump about the process behind making ‘Goldwaves’: “I guess I just wanted to make something that I would want to hear in a club if I was out. I’m really drawn to melodies rather than structure or form, if that makes sense. I’m after something that grabs the ear, then moves the feet. But, I guess in this case I wanted a combination of both. Plus, I dance horribly. So this track is for serial dancefloor headnodders like me — made for vibing it out without looking like a total dope.” It’s more percussion-heavy than previous release ‘Chants‘, but I love the way it eases you into the water, never rushing to introduce the next part of the song. It’s no surprise that Elsted says he’s been influenced by fellow Newbridgian (Newbridgite?) Mmoths; ‘Goldwaves’ wouldn’t sound out of place on either of Jack Colleran’s EPs. Adultrock has promised that he’s gearing all these tracks up for a release. It’ll be some collection.