sans chateaux cover

This EP makes perfect sense on a day like today, where the weather is positively balmy – in Cork anyway. From east Cork – Midleton, to be precise – come Sans Chateaux (without house, I believe is the translation from French) who make lovely little folk pop songs. Below is their debut, self-titled EP, which touches on Elliot Smith, Fleet Foxes and, according to the G-man, who premiered the EP, Belle & Sebastian. There are another few Americana influences in there as well. Sans Chateaux are one of those bands who make it difficult for you to write about: their bio isn’t exactly the most expansive. On their Facebook page they say: “We tend to float around; when all of us are grounded we record and produce as much as tenable until one of us goes floating again. These tracks are such the product of the inter-floating idleness.” Their Breaking Tunes page, meanwhile, says: “Sans Chateaux marketing paragraph. ‘Sans Chateaux marketing quotation…’ – Adjunct Media.” Aaaargh. They are in fact a three piece, spread around Cork and across the Atlantic, in Canada, to be more precise. They’ve been around for a few years but have only graduated to recording the songs last year. The charms of ‘Holy Venus’ are impossible to resist, while the vocals of ‘Lee Inland’ will leave you lying on the grass, a ridiculously happy look on your face. Sans Chateaux will make you hope it never rains again. You’ll be able to download the Sans Chateaux EP on their Bandcamp page on Saturday, April 27.