little green cars big red dragon

Can you tell Little Green Cars are getting ready to release their debut album Absolute Zero shortly? Earlier this week, they gave us ‘Kitchen Floor‘ and now we get the video for Big Red Dragon’, a live staple that will instantly be familiar as ‘the wah wah wah song’. It’s another big pop song from the Dublin band, prefacing what is sure to be one of the biggest pop-rock albums of the year. The video for ‘Big Red Dragon’ was filmed while Little Green Cars were touring the US over the last month or so. “I’m not gonna wait for it, oh my god,” they sing together on the track. Sadly we do have to wait another couple of weeks for Absolute Zero – it’s out in Ireland on May 10. You can download ‘Big Red Dragon’ on iTunes now, though. They launch the album in Vicar Street on Saturday, May 11.