Maud in Cahoots Dance with me

Hey, why aren’t we all talking about how great the new single from Maud in Cahoots is? The video for ‘Dance With Me’, Maud and Zoe Reardon’s first, was uploaded over a week ago, yet I only came across it yesterday. I must be doing something wrong because it’s an absolute belter, a full-blown pop song that stuck in my head from the first chorus. It’s irresistible. ‘Dance With Me’ was directed by John McIlduff and features, well, a lot of people dancing. The two sisters are back in Dublin after a trip to London recently to finish off their debut EP, recorded with Max Heyes (Paul Weller, Primal Scream). ‘Dance With Me’ is backed by ‘Make Me Right’ and is out on Monday, May 6. There’s a launch party taking place in a secret location next Thursday. More on that here.