slow skies close cover

Dublin trio Slow Skies have just unveiled their second EP Close, following up on last year’s Silhouettes EP. You should probably get the box of tissues out before you press play though. What follows is four tracks of heartbreak, with Karen Sheridan putting her heart on display for all to see. After final song ‘Close’ I just wanted to hug her and tell her everything is going to be alright. It’s a slow stroll through the emotions everybody feels when their one true love might not be that. “Be the love that I am sure of,” she whispers on opener ‘On The Shore’, before she takes us with us through her dream lover’s river of sins. The music throughout the EP is subtle, never getting in the way of Karen’s glorious vocals, though swelling up in all the right places, as if telling the listener, this is where you start crying. Things don’t get any happier in the following three tracks. “I am blue,” Karen proclaims on ‘Wounds’, a track that’s reminiscent of Noah and the Whale’s breakup masterpiece The First Days of Spring. Yet she stays strong and tells her mother she’s doing all right. “My fear is of being tucked away, at a distance all the same,” she confesses in ‘Ties’, the chorus to which is: “I opened up my heart, there’s no place to start.” Things don’t get any happier on the fourth and final song, the title track. “I hear you in the silence and I feel you in these sheets, skin to skin; I hold you close enough to bleed.” Slow Skies, completed by Conal Herron, who also produced the EP, and Patrick O’Laoghaire, have created something that will reward multiple and dedicated listens. It’s one of the saddest collections of songs I’ve heard, a slow, effecting trip to heartbreak and trying to conquer it. Close can be preorded on Slow Skies’ Bandcamp, and should be available to buy shortly.