young wonder show your teeth

It already feels as if Young Wonder‘s second EP Show Your Teeth is an old favourite. ‘To You’ was unveiled last November, ‘Time’ has been on repeat since early last month, while last week, the Cork duo gave us ‘Electrified’. So Show Your Teeth only offers two new songs, unless you want to count the intro. ‘Seventeen’ comes off as particularly weak following those three aforementioned tracks, though it does have a nice pop hook. However, closer ‘Bullet’ might well be the star of the show, featuring a heavy dance track that will leave you wanting more and that elevates Ian Ring’s status even higher. What better way to go out on? Live, it’s also a big highlight. Young Wonder have shown us their teeth and they’re pretty strong; added to what features on their self-titled debut EP and that’s one great collection of songs they have in their arsenal. I’m excited about EP number 3 already! You can buy the Show Your Teeth EP now on iTunes. You can catch Young Wonder live in Cork at Stoutfest 2013 on Saturday, June 1.