vcv band

It’s been a while now since Tony Wright left And So I Watch You From Afar. His new project, VerseChorusVerse, has endeared many listeners though, with whimsical tales spun around an acoustic guitar. It’s as far removed from his previous guise as possible. VerseChorusVerse, along with as yet unannounced support, will be taking to the stage upstairs at Whelan’s on June 13 for a very special show: Tony will be performing tracks from his forthcoming debut album, with, for the first time, a full band in tow. The band stars Herb Magee and Jonny Black from LaFaro, Stu Bell and Leaky, both formerly of General Fiasco, and, of course, Tony Wright. And, wait for it, the best part is that tickets to the show are free, and available from this blog, GoldenPlec and Harmless Noise.

I have some tickets available for the show. Make sure you’re free on June 13, first of all. Then, all you have to do is email with ‘Free VCV’ in the subject line. Include your name in the mail, and you’ll be in with a chance for you and a plus 1 to see the show. You’ll be notified in due course, etc.

From the press release: “He could have stayed the same. He could have made complex instrumental music. But instead, he wrote words and music that come right from his heart, and he played them beautifully. Holding a mirror up to the world at large and seeking positivity from the darkest recesses of the human condition. And people have been paying attention. Some people say he sounds like Neil Young or Tom Petty. Skip James has even been mentioned. Others see the ghost of Joe Strummer or Woodie Guthrie in there. But deep down, they all know – this is VerseChorusVerse music, and it could only have come from one man. His solo gigs have left people rapt and reeling from an authenticity and honesty seldom witnessed in tenderly ferocious live performances. With an album produced by Iain Archer (Jake Bugg, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Fionn Regan), and a restless desire to get out in the world to perform these songs and connect with people, VerseChorusVerse is likely to change again. So start paying attention, because this is the beginning. And everyone knows the beginning is the most crucial part.”

Finally, Tony has started a Pledgemusic page to help fund the debut album. You can see all of the rewards here.