Meltybrains cover

We heard one-third of Dublin band Meltybrain’s new EP last week. The rest of Attention! Now That We Have Your Attention doesn’t let up in quality, and goes out on an epic eight-minute Animal Collective-style track. It’s called ‘soupORsynth’ and keeps you on your toes, as well as likely causing at least one eyebrow to raise. ‘Block Rockin’, meanwhile, is probably the most out-there song, which, considering what the name of the band is – probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. The EP is only available to download from a code you get if you buy a Meltybrains? T-shirt. You can do so here. They might not be to everybody’s taste though, so you can stream the EP below. Meltybrains? are supporting the Notas in the Workman’s Club on May 29.