‘Power Up’ is already a live favourite in Wicklow five-piece Croupier’s set and it’s set to be released on a vinyl EP in August, entitled Visor. It’s not as heavy as the stuff on their self-titled debut album, released last August, though it does retain some of their intensity particularly in Charlie’s strained vocals at the end. It doesn’t sound too far removed from ‘River’s Edge‘ off Last Days of 1984’s debut album; not a bad thing. Charlie told “‘Power Up’ was the last of four songs that we had planned on writing for tour. It was also by far the most difficult. Harry (keys) and I (guitar) sat down one day to have a jam and after coming up short for almost two hours, Harry came across this sound; the ‘Power Up’ signature sound. It sounded like Super Mario growing when he finds a mushroom. For us, this was far better than anything else we had saved on ‘voice memos’ on my phone from previous writing sessions.(Sigh..yep that’s how we do).It wasn’t all fun and games though, it came so close to being dropped on several occasions over the course of a couple of weeks until one day it finally clicked.” I’m glad it did. Watch the video for ‘Power Up’, directed by Gary Sheridan and Eoghan O’Brien, below.