o emperor contact video

I’m really excited about the new album from O Emperor. The Waterford band revealed the second track from it, ‘Contact’, last week. It’s available as a free download and now has a video, recorded in O Emperor’s Cork studio, Big Skin. I wrote about the track itself last week. The video is as you might expect: it’s a little psychadelic and kaleidoscopic. Phil Christie told the Sunday Times in an interview that it was a conscious move to get away from the sound of their debut album, the three-year-old Hither Thither. He said: “We do like some of those bands (Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes etc), but the whole ‘pastoral, folkie’ thing gets a bit old very fast. The comparisons just seemed a bit lazy. If you had a guitar and a bit of facial hair, it was like, ‘Throw em in with the rest of those lads.” Paul Savage added: “We set about making our songs very synth-driven, and fuzzy guitars, and generally messy and more psychadelic; I think we just wanted to hammer home the fact that we’re not one-trick ponies. Although there were one or two harmonies that kind of slipped in at the end – we couldn’t help it! But we’re not Mumford & Sons.” Vitreous is released on O Emperor’s own label Big Skin this Friday.