Rejjie Snow

Has Rejjie ‘Lecs Luther’ Snow finally gotten his act together? It’s been a long while since ‘Dia Dhuit‘, in which time the Dublin rapper has dripfed us new tracks or new verses while seeming to focus on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. But maybe he’s finally ready to step up. ‘Loveleen’ is just short of three minutes, and a laid-back, late-night jazzy tale where “the dream was to fucking rap, walk around the city looking pretty but with city rats”, before he was told to make history. It’s a good track, though with a chorus of “money bitches hos, greed, pussy, lord knows”. It’s the opening track on his forthcoming EP Rejovich (his first EP?), which is being released on June 24 on the Kaya Kaya record label and can be preordered at iTunes here.