Belfast producer Jack Hamill aka Space Dimension Controller released one of my favourite albums of the year in the shape of Welcome to Mikrosektor-50, a crazy comic book-style concept album that is hilarious, engrossing and accomplished. Its artwork points to how amazing the album actually is. This morning Hamill uploaded Toy Consumer to Soundcloud, an unreleased ambient album that clocks in at 71 minutes. He has history in the genre though, having released Chagrin under the moniker RL/VL in 2009. You can listen to that album on Spotify. So Toy Consumer was made around the same time, when Hamill was aged 18. (The accompanying Soundcloud blurb says: “tapes and synths and belfast 18 year old problemz”.” Hamill told Resident Advisor in a brilliantly wide-ranging interview around the time of the release of Welcome To… about how he got into making ambient music: “Maybe if I hadn’t played World Of Warcraft and was going out to clubs with all my friends when I was that age I’d actually be making stuff that makes people dance a bit more.” There are 15 tracks on Toy Controller, some named (‘Cairnshill’, ‘Scansion Knuckled’), most unnamed (‘#12’, ‘#15’ etc). Plenty to delve into though. Stream the album via Soundcloud below.