Come On Live Long release their debut album Everything Falls on July 5. ‘Mountains’ is our third taster of the hotly anticipated LP. Thankfully it’s better than Biffy Clyro’s ‘Mountains’. After the James Blakeness of ‘Little Ones‘ and the Dexys-style ‘Old Apart‘, ‘Mountains’ is a beautiful, piano-driven track with vocals shared between Robert Ardiff and Louise Gaffney. It’s a lament of the distances that develop in love, where mountains are made of molehills. The chorus poses a quandary with no winners: “If I… let it go or fall to pieces.” And sadly for COLL, there’s no happy ending: “If I try to make you mine, there’s too much distance, too little time. Mountains made of vicious people, stop to question, stop believing.” It’s perhaps my favourite track of the three releases so far; don’t know what that says about my views on love. You can stream ‘Mountains’ below, via Soundcloud. You can also buy the track at Bandcamp. Everything Falls is released on Live Long Records on July 5.