Oliver Cole is formerly the frontman of Turn, who were laid to rest last year. He’s now back as a solo performer, having released his debut solo album, We Albatri, in 2009. Cole is readying a 7″ single for release next Tuesday, June 25, on the new Cork label MDR Recordings. ‘Little Wolf’ is the A-side, an acoustic love song that hits a wall of sound hard, with the urgent, echoing refrain of “I call to you” seemingly lost in the noise. “You know that you wear it so comfortably, like a veil that steals my breast, smothers me,” Cole sings. It’s as if he’s forgotten what he was in love with during the opening three minutes. It’s a really heartwrenching song. Listen to it below. Cole launches the specially handcrafted 7″ sngle in Whelan’s, Dublin, on Thursday, July 4.