Good news, everybody! Tomorrow night, Friday, June 21, the Kino reopens its doors once more. Where once it offered an alternative to the bland popcorn and blander movies in multiplexes, the Kino now offers Cork an all-ages events venue, with a café to boot. Five people are involved in the project: brothers Dave and Shane Calnan, Mark Derham (DOI – my cousin), Lauren O’Brien and Eodhran Reidy. It’s been in the pipeline for a couple of years now but has been beset by bureaucracy.

Dave Calnan did a really good interview with We Are Noise recently in which he discussed why they were so intent on developing an all-ages venue for the city: “We had huge trouble finding venues for gigs. Either venues would be far too expensive, we wouldn’t be able to afford them. A lot of over 18 events, essentially a lot of their income is from selling drink. When we were just selling tickets there was no way we could cover those costs. And other venues just didn’t want to do all ages because there was no income from drink. So we always had trouble getting a venue. And it was always very annoying that a band would come along and they wouldn’t be able to do an all ages show because there wasn’t an all ages venue for their size.”

He added: “Whenever I’m talking to a band or a manager about it they say, we love the idea of all ages gigs, there’s just nowhere to do it. So that’s my goal, seeing as there has been a huge lack of venues, the all ages scene has died down in recent years. There used to be Blast Week going on, that was a huge success. That was in the Half Moon before my time. It was a national thing and they had a Battle of the Bands going across the country, that shut down a couple of years ago. Since then it’s been the odd people running pub gigs so hopefully this will get the all ages scene up and going. Another big goal of ours is to try to get the younger generation into music, get more people playing in bands, give them advice. We’re looking to do workshops with prominent musicians, teach someone a few drumbeats for half an hour, that sort of thing.”

The Kino’s grand reopening takes place tomorrow, with music coming from the Legionnaires, Ruby and the Night Hawks, and Windings. Doors are at 6.30pm and tickets cost €8 or €5 with a flier. Follow the Kino on Twitter and on Facebook for more. Brid O’Donovan headed along during the week to see what the venue is looking ahead of its reopening. All her pictures are after the jump.