Elastic Sleep are a new five piece from Cork who, judging from the first song they’ve uploaded to the internet, ‘Anywhere’, specialise in shoegazing dream pop. Elastic Sleep are: Dan Walsh (Stink, Great Balloon Race) on drums, Chris Somers (Terror Pop, Grave Lanterns) and Brendan Riordan (Une Pipe) on guitars, Muireann Levis (Terror Pop) on vocals and Ruairi Dale (Terror Pop, Superblondes) on bass. ‘Anywhere’ is an addictive two-minute mantra that instantly made me long to hear more. They describe themselves thus: “Channelling visceral hooks from the darker recesses of the heart, the band expresses the melancholia inherent in the human condition through fragile melodies, primal rhythms and ethereal feedback.” You’ll get a chance to judge for yourself when they play the Pavilion (the best supporter of Cork music) on Thursday, July 11, with a follow-up performance at the Colm O’Herlihy’s invite-only Mountain Dew festival in Cork.

. You can download ‘Anywhere’ for free here.