I reviewed Myles Manley‘s third EP back in March. Basically I said while he touches on heavy subjects like depression and anxiety, these can pass you by because he’s a curious creature, a box of contradictions. Music For White People (An Unauthorised Documentary) doesn’t really do much to dispell this, with various friends and talking heads pretty much agreeing with that assessment of the English-born, Sligo-raised singer songwriter. It”s tongue in cheek and I don’t know whether I believe any of it or believe all of it – so in that respect I guess it catches the essence of Manley perfectly. Seamus Hanley in the 12-minute video puts it out there that if you put Mick Jagger and Alan Partridge together, well, Myles Manley wouldn’t be too far away. The documentary comes ahead of Myles Manley’s Greatest Hits 2012-2013 which we can expect next month. And that’s as much as you should expect, because who knows what it’ll consist of. Cian Flynn, who made the documentary, said: “I hope this piece goes some way towards exploring the intrigue surrounding the constantly evolving output of what I believe to be, one of Ireland’s most interesting and prolific entertainers.” With that, there’s no arguing. Listen to Manley’s music here.