Forrests have been around for well over a year at this stage, sucking us in with a pair of tracks that were always worthy of a return listen, ‘Billions’ and Tarifa’, the latter of which still sounds particularly fresh and exciting. They’ve now been joined by four more tracks for the Dublin duo’s long-awaited debut EP Wilder, out today on Blast First Petite. The EP was premiered by Noisey, who compared it to a filter on Instagram, which almost made me throw up. ‘Delu’ emerges from a wall of jungle animal noises, as if that’s where Forrests have been for the last year, lost on an island. The new songs don’t overstay their welcome, fizzing by far too fast. They leave an impression, though I would have liked ‘Symmetries’ to be expanded for 10 minutes. It’s an atmospheric track that is over far too soon. ‘Latitude’, the closing track of the six, is the longest of the new songs at a healthy three-and-a-half minutes. It finally sees Forrests scale the heights we all know they’re capable of. Wilder is only 18 minutes long. I instantly want more – hopefully we won’t have to wait another year or more… You can get it in All City Records and Elastic Witch in Dublin today. Hopefully it’ll be in Plugd and all other record shops soon.