It’s been a good year or two since we heard new music from Dublin band the Gorgeous Colours. ‘It’s OK To Be Normal‘ saw them become more assured and ‘Bright Ideas’ continues this ideal. A slow-paced song, it sounds like it takes influence from a more optimistic the National, with dah-dah-dahs spread throughout its 4.20-minute running time. “Your attention span is full of holes,” they tell us as if they know we’re looking at Facebook after we press play on ‘Bright Ideas’. They add: “Tell me what I want to hear, hide the rest, I’ll hide my fears.” ‘Bright Ideas’ is melodic and addictive, and you can listen to it below. The Gorgeous Colours launch the single at the Grand Social on Saturday with Come On Live Long filling the support slot. You’ll be able to download ‘Bright Ideas’ from here on Saturday, too. The band said: “It’s from our forthcoming album Bring Out The Axe which we’ve been working on for ages and will be releasing later in the year.” Welcome back you Gorgeous Colours.