SlowPlaceLikeHome aka Keith Mannion, who is based in Donegal, played his first live show under the moniker at Body & Soul last month. Sadly he was clashing with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Judging by the quality of ‘Invisible Pink Unicorn Club’ (it refers to the parody religion of the Invisible Pink Unicorn), it was an intense affair. SPLH have mastered the ability to craft a new atmosphere with every song, and here, you will feel constantly unsettled throughout. The drums leave you isolated, the murmured vocals distract you. It sounds like a soundtrack to somebody being lost in a big city for the first time, while being on the run. It could easily have accompanied Jason Bourne’s travails. The accompanying video adds to the tension. Jules Hackett ratchets up the uneasiness, continuing the tone set in ‘There Go The Lights Again‘. Both videos were shot in Dublin. The track is taken from SPLH’s forthcoming debut album Romola, a trailer for which you can watch here.