Here’s the first new track we’ve heard from Liza Flume since her excellent Full Steam Ahead EP earlier this year. ‘Sleepless Nights’ features no guitar, just a repetitive, monotonous, shuddering percussion and Flume’s powerful voice. “I don’t want to die alone,” she sings bleakly. The Dublin via Australia artist says: “I wrote it a few weeks ago in my big old lonely house on the outskirts of sanity when I didn’t have my loop pedal or guitar and it just didn’t seem right to add any instruments when recording it so it’s simply my voice and sparky’s pecks. The footage that makes up the video is the recording day in Ciaran Parnell’s bedroom studio and my trip to Germany a few weeks ago where I got to play a few shows and release the Monkey Safari remix EP and party like a mad women. Mark McGuinness (Sparkie) shot everything and put this video together. What a guy!”