This is a pleasant surprise: Kowalski hail from Bangor, Co Down, and this morning unveiled their debut album For The Love Of Letting Go. Long-awaited would be an understatement. Kowalski have been around for years – they first came to my attention supporting Air Traffic (remember them?) in Cyprus Avenue in early 2007. I wasn’t there – I was horribly sick that week but my friends went to a couple shows and made me feel awful about missing them (thanks Pádie and Colm). They were particularly enthusiastic about Kowalski, who played a short, sharp set drawing from their short, sharp EP, Are You Noisy Sunshine State? That was January 2007 – there wasn’t much more since then. Kowalski supported Two Door Cinema Club (also from Bangor – the bands are good friends) in Limerick a few years ago to remind me that they were still around. And there were also a few new songs along the way: two tracks from the album were released back in 2011 (‘Outdoors‘) and last year (‘While We Drive‘). So it seems almost unbelievable that we have an actual album in For The Love Of Letting Go. They’ve obviously grown from that debut EP six or seven years ago, and the influence of TDCC can be hard to ignore. But let’s just be happy that they got there in the end. “Let’s start over,” they sing on the closing track – I just hope it’s not another seven years before their second album!