A nice surprise this week with the arrival of a brand new Young Wonder song. ‘Intergalactic’ finds Rachel and Ian, accompanied by Colm ‘MDR’ O’Herlihy on guitar, lying on the bonnet of a car (well, they call it a hood, but we’ll let them off), closing their eyes and looking up at space, watching “the rocky planet move just for us”. It’s a really slow-burning song, with Ian deciding to hold back on the dance vibes. The production is still pretty interesting though – I think you can hear cardoors shutting, a can opening and a few more sounds throughout the track. And the added guitar is a different sound for them. It’ll be interesting to see what the Cork pair (trio?) do next. It was filmed at the famous Connolly’s pub in Leap, west Cork, on July 14. You can buy Young Wonder’s last EP, Show Your Teeth, on cool orange vinyl here.