The electronic music blog SVNSET WΛVES (must be a fan of Chvrches) uploaded a 36-song compilation to Bandcamp on Friday. Called Svmmer Svn, I’m unfamiliar with most of the artists on the album but there are accompanying blurbs to most here. Thirty-six songs is probably too many tracks for one album – people can barely get through a 10-song album these days, let alone 36 – so a lot of acts might well be missed. Snuggled in early is Ireland’s Adultrock with a new track called ‘Thriller’, the longest track of the 36 by over a minute. I think there’s a real confidence about Gavin Elsted’s songs of late, as he allows them time to develop and space to breathe. ‘Thriller’ drifts in alongside an eggshaker that doesn’t quit and a brilliantly restrained bassline, adding handclaps along the way. The climax to the song is worth waiting for. You can download ‘Thriller’ by itself here on a name-your-own-price basis.