Lee Fields played the Pavilion in Cork city last Thursday, July 25. It was a stellar show, more of which will be up on the blog later today. But earlier last Thursday, Lee Fields was brought down to the park at the gateway of the city from Ballincollig. It just happened to share the same name as him. SO here are pictures of Lee Fields in Lee Fields.

All pictures by Brid O’Donovan.

Lee FieldsIMG_0032

Lee FieldsIMG_0042_1

Lee FieldsIMG_0057

Lee FieldsIMG_0067

Lee FieldsIMG_0083

Lee FieldsIMG_0089

Lee FieldsIMG_0112

Lee FieldsIMG_0116

Lee FieldsIMG_0122

Lee FieldsIMG_0149

Lee FieldsIMG_0161

Lee FieldsIMG_0177_1