Crayonsmith release their third album, Milk Teeth, with Out On A Limb on October 18. ‘Chrysalis’ is our first taster of it. The last time we heard from the three piece was well over a year ago, when they brought us into their rehearsal space for ‘Sideways‘. There hasn’t been much since, bar a few gigs here and there. So as the introduction to the follow-up to White Wonder, ‘Chrysalis’ has a lot riding on it. But the pressure doesn’t show: it’s a slow number that’s built around a slow bass riff – it’s over two minutes before we hear a guitar. Crayonsmith are going for a retro feel, and the accompanying video doesn’t dispel this. It’s got that blurry, grainy look, and takes us to a fun fair and underwater. “If there’s something you want to tell me, better come on and let it out,” Ciaran Smith implores. “If you want to take me out tonight, even though it is a Friday night… even though we’ve had a fight.” Simple but effective. Welcome back, Crayonsmith!