The Vincent(s) are gearing up for the release on August 23 of their new EP Valley of the Sun. We’ve already heard its closing track, ‘Song for the Sea‘ and now we have another one, Summer Song. The EP as a whole clocks in at around 15 minutes, with each song offering up something completely different to the what preceded it. The Cork four piece will keep you on your toes if nothing else. ‘Summer Song’ is built around the simple fact that “Summer is here, winter is gone,” before ominously adding that “all of our friends are already dead”. How’s that for an optimistic outlook on life? Margus’s vocals, which turn into pierced shouts halfway through, are complemented by Aisling O’Riordan (Morning Veils) towards the end, keeping things interesting. I love the way the pair seem to be competing with their screams as well. The Vincent(s) are playing Odessa in Dublin tonight, and Harmless Noise did a really great write-up both of the gig and of the Valley of the Sun EP. (Nay said ‘Summer Song’ is “a lighter number that sounds more like conventional indie with some really cool instrumental textures and chanting pick-up points”; pretty spot on description.) The Vincent(s) play Indiependence on Saturday (they’re one of my ones to watch) and there are more tour dates after the jump.

The Vincent(s) tour dates:
Saturday, August 3: Indiependence, Mitchelstown, Cork;
Friday, August 9: Pine Lodge, Myrtleville;
Friday, August 16: De Barra’s, Clonakility;
Friday, August 23: Whelan’s, Dublin;
Saturday, August 24: Dolan’s, Limerick;
Saturday, September 7: The Townhouse Pub, Galway;
Friday, September 13: Underground Cinema Film Festival, Dun Laoghaire;
Saturday, September 14: The Pavilion, Cork.