It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Steve McEvoy. It was well over a year ago that he released the four-track Imprint EP, with a couple of remixes arriving in the following months. Per his Breaking Tunes page, “beginning as a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist, he only discovered electronic music after a traumatically repressive college experience. He is now trying to make up for lost time.” Steve’s now going under a new monkiner, Sleep McEvox, and gone back to the drawing board (the dancefloor) for ‘Monolith’, which is being released on the renowned Italian label Bad Panda. It’s over six minutes long, taking time to find its feet. But oh man when it does! You can hear another new song over on his Breaking Tunes page, ‘Popp’. Both tracks will released on an EP with Bad Panda next month. You can download ‘Monolith’ below.