The David Nelligan Thing released an album earlier this year that covered a range of genres. There was little electronica/synth in there though, but he’s rectified the matter with this five-track EP, aptly named Who Is Synthia? Its (almost) title track is the standout of the collection, which is brimming with ideas but never loses that pop nous that Nelligan evokes effortlessly. That particular track is a reimagining of the Shakespeare poem ‘Where Is Sylvia?’ Continuing a process he began to promote the debut album Dark Matters, Nelligan has made a video for one of the tracks here, the second song ‘Bodies at Rest (Potential Energy)’. You can watch that here. It’s only been four months since Dark Matters – imagine where the David Nelligan Thing will be in another four months!? Some bands would probably kill to have their creative/work ethos. You can download the EP on a name-your-price basis here.