I really enjoyed the Lives of Millionairesdebut EP, which they released on New Year’s Day last year. It’s taken Alan Finnerty and Brian Walsh 18 months to get back to being millionaires – the former is in Guilty Optics, who begin recording their debut album next month, while the latter’s main band Drunken Boat finished up for good earlier this year. Volume II is a sombre, late-night affair. Second track ‘Don’t Tell The Stars’ stretches a worrying guitar line that kind of sounds like Foo Fighters’ intro to ‘The Pretender’ over six minutes, drawing you in and taking you down with lines like: “You’re light years away and they’re calling your name and you won’t even know if they can provide a home now.” “We never thought to let anybody down,” they tell us on the more upbeat ‘We Only Got Up’. It’s the poppiest song of the four here, a simplified, lo-key take on Elliot Smith. It’s the kind of track that would end an album, offering hope after the despair of previous tracks. With Guilty Optics heading back to the studio, the Lives of Millionaires is still essentially a sideproject, but it should be worst waiting another 18 months to see what they do next.