It Was All A Bit Black And White are a two piece from Galway who, for whatever reason, have escaped my notice until this morning. Mosey and Matthew are releasing their debut album Retro Futurism on Wingnut Records, which piqued my attention. The album was recorded in Hive Studios, Wicklow, by Enemies man Eoin Whitfield. Attention piqued further. Once they have your attention, It Was All A Bit Black And White work hard to keep you entertained. Just over four minutes long, ‘The Electric Mayhem’ comes off like the Redneck Manifesto getting drunk on Christmas morning. It all seems straightforward enough until 90 seconds in and things get crazy. And they don’t let up for the rest of the track. The duo have been going for about three years and have a couple of releases up on their Bandcamp. If, like me, you were unfamiliar with them, what better place to start that their last EP, the five-track We Advocate The Piracy Of This Record? Retro Futurism is released via Wingnut Records on October 11.