Look at how much everybody loves Paddy Hanna! That’s Mark Chester, Enda Canavan and Bobby Aherne hugging him and making him feel special above. They also star on the first release under his own name. You might know Hanna as the lead singer in Grand Pocket Orchestra. I like the blurb that accompanies the first single, ‘Join The Army’: “I started off as a solo act, my bit was to stamp my foot while yelping and playing harmonica. The first proper gig I played was called an embarrassment for the reasons mentioned above. I’ve returned to the solo fold to make up for that.” The single is a breezy, harmonica-heavy number that was recorded live in the Popical Island HQ as part of a three-day album session in June. “They don’t know about the things I have done in my time,” Hanna proclaims. The single, which you can download for free below, via the Bandcamp widget, is backed with the even breezier pop number ‘Barry White’. I don’t think Hanna’s voice gets anywhere near as deep as White’s, though. It all bodes well for Hanna’s debut album, which he says will follow before the year is out. Hanna plays his first gig with the full band at Electric Picnic on Sunday, September 2, on the Body & Soul Earthship stage.